Canon 814 repair

Removing the handgrip may be required if there is no power getting through to the camera.  The battery connections oxidise over time.  Removing the top cover and eye piece is nesessary.

STEP 01:  Remove the indicated screws.

 STEP 02:  Remove the tiny screws on each side of the hand grip release.

STEP 03:  Once screws are removed, gently prise off button.  Do not attempt to remove the lever. 

STEP 04:  Peel away vinyl cover from around the power zoom buttons.  Remove all other indicated screws.  Removal of the model identification plate was not needed. 

STEP 05:  Turning the camera around, peel away vinyl cover, and remove only this screw. 

STEP 06:  Remove these four screws holding the eyepiece in place. 

STEP 07:  Once the four screws are removed, pull out the eyepiece, notice the button that operates the cartridge access. 

STEP 08:  On the top of the camera, using a pointed tool and light hammer, gently tap in an anti-clockwise direction.

STEP 09:  Now slowely lift from the front, taking care not to damage the power zoom buttons on the other side, and slide towards rear of camera to remove cover.

STEP 10:  Once the top cover is removed, you will see the exposure needle at the end of the view finder tube, look for hairs or other debri.  Gently clean lens with an cotton ear bud or similar.

STEP 11:  Place camera bottom up.  Peel away vinyl cover and only undo indicated screws. 

STEP 12:  Slide the trigger shroud forward, gently levering it around the trigger. 

STEP 13:  With the camera facing you, remove indicated screws below the lens, then gently remove the side cover above the hand grip. 

 STEP 14:  Use a blade to scrap away glue around the two screw heads, then remove screws.  Then, using a pointed tool, insert into one of the small holes, and using a light hammer, gently tap to unscrew the hand grip screw.

STEP 15:  Once the hand grip is removed, you can see the metal electrical contact.  If this is corroded through, either replace or re-solder.  If lightly oxidised, clean. 

STEP 16:  If the contact is corroded through, use thumb to move lever out of the way, and undo both indicated screws.  The little alloy block on the right can be gently lifted off to enable viewing of the wire connected to the hand grip contact. 

STEP 17:  If the wire is broken, top right arrow, either re-solder or replace.  A replacement electrical contact can be used off another Canon, models 518 up 814 use a similar contact.  If replacing, gently prise the plastic ring containing the metal contact away.  


Once the hand grip has been removed, examine it for corrosion, the battery contacts inside the grip or the brass pin where it contacts the camera body.  If either area is corroded, simply replacing the hand grip may restore the camera's functions.

If all areas appear corrosion free, the motor may either be seized or "gummed up". 


The left arrow indicates the zoom motor.  If not working, attempt to manually turn the motor's shaft, middle arrow.  This may loosen it up enough to run, if not, it may be seized.  Replacing motor is very intensive.  use zoom manually.  Do not lubricate the gear around the lens, right arrow, this will cause slipping. 


If there is difficulty inserting or removing a cartridge due to a fault with the access, removal of the eye piece may suffice.  Otherwise remove the top camera cover to expose the lever which releases the cartridge "door", left arrow, and where the "door" clicks into position, right arrow. 

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