Canon 814/1014/1218 repair

Sometimes either the eye piece becomes very dirty, or the cartridge door jams, the following pictures and instructions detail how to remedy both issues.  As always, use care and the correct tools.

STEP 01:  If the eyepiece needs removal for cleaning or repair, unscrew the three screws as indicated.

STEP 02:  Once the three screw have been removed, the outer ring, and locking ring, can be pulled off.  At this point enough has been dismantled to enable cleaning of the lens in the eyepiece.

STEP 03:  The last ring adjusts the focus of the eyepiece, this too will pull away. 


If the film compartment release button, on right, fails to release the cartridge door, inserting the tip of a thin blade knife, ie: steak knife, gently in the way shown, without much pressure.  This will release the door.


This picture shows the cartridge door latch with the top cover removed for clarity.  The hook rarely fails.  Whether the compartment door fails to open or close, the technique described next, will solve the issue. 

Sometimes the small latch fails to engage the cartridge door tab, when this happens, the release button is not contacting the hook.  Once the cartridge door is open, and the top cover of the camera is still in place, insert a screwdiver and gently push the hook back until the plastic button engages the latch.  This should solve the problem of a stuck compartment door.

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